Ielts Reading Passage The Luddites With Answers

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Questions 1-6 Match each cause in List A with its effect in List B. Write the correct letter, A—H on lines 1-6 on your answer sheet. There are more effects in List B than you will need, so you will not use them all.

List A Causes

  1. The new weaving machines were expensive to buy.

Answer: B

  1. The new weaving machines were easy to operate.

Answer: H

  1. Workers’ demands for better pay and conditions were not met.

Answer: D

  1. Rioting spread to many towns.

Answer: A

  1. A law was passed against destroying factory equipment.

Answer: E

  1. Economic conditions worsened in 1816.

Answer: I

List B Effects

  • A. Troops were sent into the area.
  • B. Weavers stopped working at home and went to work in factories.
  • C. Rioters often wore disguises.
  • D. Workers destroyed factory equipment.
  • E. Many rioters were hanged.
  • F. Charlotte Bronte wrote a novel about the Luddites.
  • G. Prices went up, and salaries went down.
  • H. Factory owners did not need to hire skilled weavers.
  • I. Luddite rioting resumed for a short while.
  • J. People compared Ned Ludd to Robin Hood.

Questions 7-14 Do the following statements agree with the information given in the passage? Answer 7-14:

TRUE if the statement agrees with the information FALSE if the statement contradicts the information NOT GIVEN if there is no information on this

  1. A Luddite is a person who resists new technology.

Answer: True

  1. Before the nineteenth century, weavers made lace by hand.

Answer: True

  1. Factory owners, as well as workers, died as a result of Luddite rioting.

Answer: True

  1. The Luddite movement did not spread beyond England.

Answer: Not Given

  1. Nobody knows for certain who Ned Ludd was.

Answer: True

  1. Worker protests during the economic downturn of 1816 were nonviolent.

Answer: False

  1. Luddite activity lasted for many years.

Answer: False

  1. Neo-Luddites do not use computers.

Answer: Not Given

Ielts Reading Passage The Luddites With Answers