Describe a time when you changed your opinion.

Describe a time when you changed your opinion.
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Describe a time when you changed your opinion

  • When was it?
  • What was the original opinion?
  • Why you changed it?
  • And explain how you felt about it?


  • Generally, personal viewpoints toward things and people change as per the situation and circumstances.

When was it?

  • A few years ago a family came to our neighbourhood. They bought a beautiful house adjacent to my home. There were four members in their family, two teenage boys and their mother and father. Both the husband and wife were working parents.

  • They were sort of pretty reserve people, and their kids were also of a similar nature.

What was the original opinion?

  • Most of our neighbour believed that they consider themselves superior to the other families of the society. My family was also of the same opinion, including me. We all felt this because they used to do parties at their home, but none of the families of the society was invited by them ever.

Why you changed it?

  • After a year, my opinion about my neighbours changed when they helped me by taking me to the hospital. I was pretty sick, and I was not in the condition to drive my own car while going to the doctor.
  • Mr Swami saw me struggling in my car. Unfortunately, my family was not in the city that day. But when I told my problem to the new neighbour. He instantly took me to the doctor in his own car. I had a high fever of 104-degree Celcius.

And explain how you felt about it.

  • Literally, that day I understood that they are maybe introverts, but not heartless. Later, I also learned that they do not understand the local language since they have relocated from Kerela to Delhi. I was ashamed of my viewpoint, and I changed it. We also invited our new neighbours to the dinner.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Follow up Questions

“Describe a time when you changed your opinion”.

  1. Do children like to change their opinion?

  • I believe they do, but it is difficult for them. I guess kids are more sensitive than adults. It means that they develop an opinion based on sentiments. Passionate decisions are pretty tough to change because it damages our self-esteem when we change them.
  1. Why do people change opinion?

  • People improve opinion when they find confronting evidence against their earlier viewpoint. When they don’t change their stand, they undergo negative consequences.
  1. Who do young people turn to for advice?

  • I guess youngsters mainly turn to family members or their teachers for advice. Some young people also go to the professional counsellors for the guidance related to the career.
  1. Do people like giving an opinion about politics?

  • It is not common in my country. Here in India, citizens are pretty shy when it comes to politics. They do not easily criticise the politicians. They feel like they may get in trouble if they speak their mind. They usually express their viewpoints with the power of their vote.

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