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Crop growing skyscrapers reading answers

  1. Some food plants, including are already grown indoors.

Answer: tomatoes

  1. Vertical farms would be located in meaning that there would be less need to take them long distances to customers.

Answer: urban centres/centers

  1. Vertical farms could use methane from plants and animals to produce

Answer: energy

  1. The consumption of would be cut because agricultural vehicles would be unnecessary.

Answer: fossil fuel

  1. The fact that vertical farms would need light is a disadvantage.

Answer: artificial

  1. One form of vertical farming involves planting in which are not fixed.

Answer: (stacked) trays

  1. The most probable development is that food will be grown on in towns and cities.

Answer: (urban) rooftops

  1. Methods for predicting the Earth’s population have recently changed.


  1. Human beings are responsible for some of the destruction to food-producing land.

Answer: TRUE

  1. The crops produced in vertical farms will depend on the season.

Answer: FALSE

  1. Some damage to food crops is caused by climate change.

Answer: TRUE

  1. Fertilisers will be needed for certain crops in vertical farms.

Answer: FALSE

  1. Vertical farming will make plants less likely to be affected by infectious diseases.

Answer: TRUE

crop growing skyscrapers ielts reading answers