Telepathy Reading Answers - IELTS Reading

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Telepathy Reading Answers - IELTS Reading

  1. Researchers with differing attitudes towards telepathy agree on

Answer: E (para 2, line 4-6)

  1. Reports of experiences during meditation indicated

Answer: B (para 2, line 7-10:)

  1. Attitudes to parapsychology would alter drastically with

Answer: A (para 7)

  1. Recent autoganzfeld trials suggest that success rates will improve with

Answer: F (para 6, line 5-7)

Questions 5-14
Complete the table below.
Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the passage for each answer.
  1. Involved a person acting as a 5

Answer: sender (para 3, line 5-9)

  1. who picked out one

Answer: picture/image (para 3, line 5-9)

  1. from a random selection of four, and a

Answer: receiver (para 3, line 5-9)

  1. Positive results could be produced by factors such as

Answer: sensory leakage (para 4, line 5-8)

Answer: (outright) fraud (para 4, line 5-8)

  1. who then tried to identify it.

Answer: computers (para 5, line 2-6)

  1. were used for key tasks to limit the amount of

Answer: human involvement (para 5, line 2-6)

  1. The results were then subjected to a

Answer: meta-analysis (para 5, line 2-6)

  1. The

Answer: lack of consistency (para 6, first 2 lines)

  1. between different test results was put down to the fact that sample groups were not

Answer: big/large enough (para 6, line 7-8)

Telepathy Reading Answers - IELTS Reading