Describe a polite person whom you know

Describe a polite person whom you know
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Describe a polite person whom you know

  • Who is the person?
  • How you know him/her?
  • And explain why you think this person is polite?


  • I would love to tell you about that person whom I consider the most polite individual. He is a generous man, and his name is Jassa. He is amiable as well as handsome. He has an average height with attractive looks. Moreover, he is an educated guy who holds a degree in computer engineering.

How you know him/her?

  • I know him since my school days. We did our schooling together. Later, he chose the technical stream, and I become an accountant. Nowadays, he is a teacher, and he teaches computer programming languages to the students. Apart from that, he is an environmental activist. He always motivates others to respect mother nature.

Explain why you think this person is polite?

  • As I told you, I have known him since childhood, and I have never seen him talk loudly to anyone. He is a teacher, and a teacher needs to have patience. There is no lack of tolerance in him, and I am saying this responsibly. He lovingly teaches computer science to his students, and one of his students, Jacky, is the younger brother of my close friend. Jacky also told me the same. His students love him a lot because of his polite nature. He talks respectably with everyone, whether the person is younger or older.

Closing Sentences

  • I wish I will also become like him as my tolerance level is pretty low. Everyone can learn somethings from him, whether it’s computer skills or the etiquette of speaking to others regardless of their age.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Follow up Questions

  1. Do you think you are a polite person?

  2. How do you show politeness?

  3. Do you think politeness is important?

  4. In your opinion, why is it important to show respect to others?

  5. Can you give me some other examples of how people show politeness in your country?

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